The Ever Popular Beanie Boos By Ty

Toys play a very important role on the growth of our children. They not only provide countless hours of entertainment, they also enhance our kid's creativity and imagination. Beanie Boos by Ty is an icon in the toy industry. They were first introduced in 2009 and they were a hit. Beanie boos has it's similarities with Beanie babies, only difference is that they have much bigger heads and eyes. There are plenty of designs to choose from because they are available in many animal styles.

A year after Ty Beanies Boos were introduced, Ty added two new sizes to his collection: medium (13 inches) (also known as "buddies") and small (5 inches) (also known as "boo boos"). The largest Beanie Boo created measures up to 16 inches. This was released in 2012.

There are several Beanie Boos that have a higher value today because when Ty stopped producing, a lot of collectors still wanted them. When owner of the toy franchise Ty decides to retire a specific product, that means the company will no longer create that toy. His decision is of course based on the supply and demand of his customers. It is evident that once products are produced less, their values go up.

Have you ever wondered, what is the most expensive Beanie Boo Soft toys sold? The answer is the 6 inch "Ghostly". This item was sold on eBay with the price of $179.95. If you research on this and read the auction description, you will know that the hang tag had a small crease. The value of this product is definitely higher if it was in mint condition. Ghostly is a rare kind of Beanie Boo, they were first released on 2010 and was sold out November of the same year.

The second most expensive Beanie Boo is "Kooky" (koala bear). The transaction was done on eBay on February 2013. Kooky was sold for $151.10. It only took 9 months for this item to be sold out. Although there was a second version released in the US, nothing compares to the classic look of Kooky.

Today, a lot of children still prefer Beanie Boos over Beanie Babies. A lot of people say that their huge eyes and big heads contribute a lot to their cuteness. Whether you are buying one for your kid or you are planning to collect toys, Beanie Boos will always be worth your money. You will never know, they might just gain value in a couple of years.